Matembezi is fortunate to have an astoundingly skilled, informed, and passionate group of guides working with us. On safari, our guides share wonderful moments with cherished guests, experiencing unique events and natural phenomena. Sometimes they do so with a camera in hand, and at other times with only a phone. We invite you to a tour behind the scenes, to experience moments enjoyed by our guides and guests.

Today we introduce to you:

Maxi Ayo

Maxi, as he is fondly called by all, followed his passion for wildlife and his dream to work in the field, joining Matembezi in 2008. At the time he was a manager in a flower farm, but he left his successful career in the field and spent the next three years doing in-house training in Matembezi – from working in the garage for six months learning about vehicle mechanics, and working in the office with the operation and reservation teams, to spending long spells in the field with our various camping units. He participated in training sessions and workshops, and gained important experience, until at last, in 2011, he received his own safari vehicle and started guiding. Maxi has never looked back. He brings to his unyielding commitment, his passion for wildlife, and his love for Tanzania to every safari. A warm, intelligent, and caring person, Maxi has become a superb guide, which we are proud to count amongst our best. Maxi is fluent in English, French, Kiswahili and Kimeru. When not on safari he lives in Maji ya Chai with his wife and two kids.

What Maxi’s guests say about him

Maxi is an unbelievably excellent guide; clear mastery of core guide requirement. His ability to spot wildlife is frankly unbelievable. But what made the experience so special were the small but very thoughtful moments, having my kids interact with Maasai children, stopping in a village to eat red bananas, walking hand in hand with my 9 year old. The only way I think you can improve your services is by cloning Maxi!