The allure of the unknown has always had a powerful draw for us. Away from the trodden tourist circuits and the popular national parks lie a host of locations just as beautiful and unique; mentioned in hushed whispers amongst old safaris hands when stories are exchanged over a drink. These lie hidden, under the Radar of public awareness, and yet they lie there in plain view, beaconing to us, and we cannot resist but to oblige.

Through the years, without a doubt, the most memorable expeditions we enjoyed where to those hidden locations off the beaten path; Some areas as the expansive Kigosi-Moyowosi swamps in Western Tanzania or the Kitulo Plateau, took a great deal of effort to reach but offered a truly unique wilderness experience; While others such as our own well-guarded sites in Maasailand are just a few hours’ drive away from our Arusha base and can easily be integrated into any safari. Further afield, on land and at sea, are countless other destinations, beaconing to any one that enjoys exploration and adventure. From the furthest reaches of Tanzania, to searching for the most elusive primate or marine life, we have become experts in organizing the supposedly impossible.