Boasting more than 1000km of coastline, the coastal region is a region rich in unique diversity and adventure, where a myriad of journeys beacon. This area with its tapestry of tidal lagoons, Sandy beaches, mangrove lined estuaries, islands and reefs is the perfect playground for a host of marine adventures

Pemba’s mythical underwater walls plummet to untold depths, adorned by huge colourful gorgonian fans; it was Jacque Cousteau who first dove this underwater paradise when he sailed his ship, the “Calypso”, through these waters in 1967. We dive the lush coral reefs of Pemba, seeking huge groupers, rays and sharks. In the waters of Mafia Island Whale sharks seasonally congregate offering some of the best chances in the world for close viewing. Habituated pods of bottle nosed dolphin are a feature of Zanzibar Island and in July – August humpback whales migrate through our waters. Diverse Coastal forests harbour endemic primates and birds, funky elephant shrews and diminutive antelopes, and along many beaches we can view marine turtles nesting and hatching.