At the heart of our safaris are always the wildlife and the wilderness; unparalleled wildlife encounters are the trademark of a Matembezi Safari. We explore the greatest wilderness areas on the African continent, and we specialize is creating innovative wildlife adventures in untrodden areas of East Africa.

A safari with Matembezi is a journey of exploration; leading you through wild landscapes, offering the chance of an exhilarating encounter behind every corner. It is this experience of immersing yourself in a world; at once so untamed, raw and different from your own, and still inexplicably familiar and soothing that a safari’s unique charm is defined.

What a trip!  It exceeded our expectations … by a substantial margin.  The itinerary progression was very well conceived. Thanks for a fantastic trip.  We’re already thinking about our next visit!

Patrick Keran , USA

What wonderful safari adventure we had in Tanzania. The whole travel was arranged and planned perfectly. The selection of the lodges was excellent. Above all we loved the Matembezi Classic camp in the Serengeti. What an amazing safari

The Kaufmann family, Germany

The Safari far exceeded our expectations. Each day was better than the last; you built for us a fantastic adventure that peaked at the end in the north Serengeti, surrounded by cat action and the great migration

Eyal Shimoni, Israel