With thousands of kilometres of tropical coastline and a multitude of islands and sand banks surrounded by the Indian Ocean and many beautiful freshwater lakes, Tanzania is endowed with a great diversity of water resources. Great fresh water Lakes, sluggish rivers meandering through wildlife rich wilderness areas, large mangrove-lined estuaries, and a myriad of islands, reefs and sandbanks along the rich shores of the Coral Sea. Throughout this watery realm, a host of water-bound activities abound.

We take to the water to enjoy boat safaris, these quiet vessels allow us to closely approach wildlife on the banks, such as crocodiles and hippos; Sitatungas and elephants. On the Rufiji and Wami Rivers, we use flat bottom safari boats to navigate the river channels and ever-shifting sandbanks, while on Lakes Momella and Victoria, canoes are used for an even more intimate experience. On Lake Tanganyika, we use wooden dhows to head out to snorkel and fish in the clear fresh water, or just to sail with the forested mountains of distant Congo a backdrop to dramatic sunsets. On the many reefs and islands of the coast, we venture out to sail in traditional white-sailed dhows or to snorkel and scuba dive on the underwater fairy land of the coral reefs. We can join local fishermen on their wooden ngalawas to fish for “changu” or “Ngisi”, head out for deep-sea fishing, or try our hand at Tiger-fishing in the Rufiji River.