Expertly driven by our professional safari guides, our safari ready 4×4 safari land cruisers are the main Wildlife viewing platform on safari. They allow us to enjoy a safe and very close interaction with wildlife. Each habitat lends itself to a different daily rhythm; in some areas we head for early mornings and late afternoons out, spending the hot hours of the day resting in the shade or in a hide watching wildlife coming to drink at a water hole, while in others we venture out for full days carrying picnic hampers and cooled drinks, getting lost in the vast expanses of wilderness, and enjoying long leisurely picnics in the shade of large acacia trees.

Depending on the area of our travel, the season of the year, your fitness and interest, a variety of expertly guided safari experiences can be integrated into a program; On Land, we can broaden our experience with walking, hiking and horse riding in the wilderness. In the air, we can enjoy hot air balloon rides while Helicopter flights can allow us access to the most inaccessible and untouched corners of east Africa. At night, we love to venture out by vehicle or on foot to seek the host of nocturnal animals that cannot be seen by day. Around our rivers, lakes and azure tropical sea a host of water-bound activities such as canoeing Scuba diving, fishing, Snorkelling and Sailing abound.

Every Day was a new and wonderful adventure; we enjoyed the diversity of experiences, all new for us. .

Mario Goldberg, Israel

Doug and I both realized how important it was to do the cultural stuff that we did. The Hadzabe were the highlight. I think it really showed us how on the edge the people live and yet they have so much joy. 

Jane & Doug Atkinson, Alaska

We were in awe most days with the culture and animals. It’s hard to have those moments as an adult – the last time I was that excited was when I was 8 and walked into Disney World for the first time.

Erin & Brandon Woodward, USA