The Swahili coast evokes powerful images of silhouetted prawn fisherman dragging their nets before the coming dawn; heavily laden wooden dhows racing home at last light, powered by white sails; Ruins of sultan palaces engulfed by overgrown lush forest. This is a land that has drawn in countless explorers, merchants and invaders through millennia; each leaving behind his legacy adding to a fascinating tapestry of history, art and culture.

From the Quirimbas Archipelago of northern Mozambique, to the ancient community of Pangani in Northern Tanzania, the Swahili coast and Islands span more than 1300km of coastline. The region is intricately rich in treasures both of human and natural origins; Not only the famous white sand beaches and aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean, but a myriad of attractions such as national parks, tropical forests, translucent lagoons and rich estuaries. It is the home to an intriguing and colorful people, with a vibrant living culture; It is this fascinating tapestry of culture, nature and scenic beauty that attracts so many of our guests.