Know Your Guide – Maxi Ayo

Matembezi is fortunate to have an astoundingly skilled, informed, and passionate group of guides working with us. On safari, our guides share wonderful [...]

The incredible relationship between ants and butterflies.

Uhusiano ajabu kati ya chungu na vipepeo. Insects have evolved some of the most incredible relationships. I’m often surprised that we are not [...]

Cheetahs are not true cats! True or False?

Duma sio paka wa kweli! Kweli/Uongo? This is a common question I get asked when I’m conducting guide training. The answer is FALSE. [...]

The elephant and the hyrax

A common request I get during guide training is to explain the relationship between hyrax and elephants. It seems to be one of [...]

All about Rüppell and the vulture named after him

Wilhelm Peter Eduard Simon Rüppell was a 19th century German explorer, collector and zoologist. As the first naturalist to traverse Ethiopia, and with [...]

Cheetahs in the Serengeti

On Sunday morning we left Matembezi’s classic camp in Naabi Hill in the southern Serengeti on a morning game drive. And we found [...]

Saving sea turtles in Tanzania

Anybody who is lucky enough to see a sea turtle in the wild will almost certainly hold a place in their heart for this serene [...]

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