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Hagai, the founder and co-owner of Matembezi, was born in Ethiopia to an anthropologist father and spent his early years there. An avid naturalist he returned to Africa in 1992, and back-packed extensively, exploring the wilderness areas of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. In 1994 he began guiding wildlife safaris and natural history tours, while traveling further through Africa, the Mascarenes and further afield in Asia and South America, everseeking the best wildlife experiences. In 2001 Hagai made the choice to start his own safari operation in Tanzania, his personal Eden.

All about Rüppell and the vulture named after him

Wilhelm Peter Eduard Simon Rüppell was a 19th century German explorer, collector and zoologist. As the first naturalist to traverse Ethiopia, and with [...]

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Cheetahs in the Serengeti

On Sunday morning we left Matembezi’s classic camp in Naabi Hill in the southern Serengeti on a morning game drive. And we found [...]

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Saving sea turtles in Tanzania

Anybody who is lucky enough to see a sea turtle in the wild will almost certainly hold a place in their heart for this serene [...]

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